Phid House Application (2020-2021)
Phi Delta Phi is a co-ed legal fraternity founded at the University of Michigan in 1869. It is the nation's oldest professional society. With more than 130 chapters and 200,000 total initiated members, Phi Delta Phi remains an elite organization that has produced five U.S. Presidents, fourteen U.S. Supreme Court Justices, and many other influential legal and political minds. Over one-hundred and forty years after its founding, the Kent Inn of Phi Delta Phi at the University of Michigan Law School continues as a thriving community of law students.

The Kent Inn is unique among Phi Delta Phi chapters because it has a house that serves as a residential community for the chapter's twenty-five members. Current residents hail from over a dozen different states, Kenya, Germany, and Japan, and are graduates of many institutions including the University of Virginia, Stanford University, Grinnell College, UCLA, Cornell University, Villanova University, University of Chicago, UNC-Chapel Hill, and the University of Vermont. A quick sample of our member's academic interests include public defense, constitutional law, civil rights law, environmental law, labor law, and commercial litigation. Our members work on the Michigan Law Review, Michigan Journal of Gender and Law, Michigan Journal of Law Reform, Michigan Journal of Environmental & Administrative Law, and Michigan Telecommunications and Technology Law Review.

Each year, Kent Inn invites six to ten first-year students to join the house. The Phid House is located at 502 E. Madison St., just one block from the law school, and close to many Ann Arbor restaurants and bars. Each student has a single bedroom, but bathrooms, the living room, kitchen, and TV room are communal. On-site, private parking is available to residents at an additional cost subject to availability of spaces.

Phid House members are excited to create and maintain a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive community. Phid members embrace the collegiality that Michigan Law is known for, readily sharing class outlines, desserts, and rides to the airport. An upstairs library has most available study aids, textbooks, and doubles as a costume closet. Phid is a great place to host game day barbecues in the warmer months, and The Bachelor watch parties when it gets cold. Finally, Phid members are committed to making sure every resident feels safe and supported through their law school journey. We’re excited you’re considering joining us!

If you have any questions about living in Phid, please email Vice President Derrick Vallejos at or the Phid Board at Check out photos on the website or on our Instagram (aka our Phidstagram. See what we did there?) to get an idea of the wonderful people who choose Phid as their home, and be sure to stop by our Wine and Cheese open house during Admitted Students Preview Weekends! We look forward to reading your applications!

Instagram: @phidstagram
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In light of the long-term uncertainty around covid-19, Phid House will follow the University's guidance and the Law School’s guidance and delay taking in any new residents until we return to in-person classes. However, we are continuing to move forward with the application process for adding new members and residents for Fall 2020. If you are an incoming 1L or LLM and interested in living at Phid, please apply now! If your application is accepted, you can secure your housing and membership for Fall 2020, and we will not require that leases for the Fall be signed until May of 2020 or later. We will work with incoming residents as we all plan for in-person classes resuming next semester.

Please fill out this form in its entirety. The application is due SATURDAY, APRIL 11 at 5pm. We may need to contact you by phone for additional information, a short interview, or to offer you a room, so please let us know if you will be unreachable by phone. Finally, if you are offered a spot in the house (no later than SUNDAY, APRIL 26th), you will be given ABOUT THREE DAYS to notify the Vice President of your acceptance. Because our acceptance notification is before the Lawyer’s Club deposit deadline, applying to Phid will not affect your ability to live in the Lawyer’s Club (deadline April 30). If you have any questions regarding the application please do not hesitate to contact Vice President Derrick Vallejos at
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