IB Class of 2023 - Course Selection
Course Selection for 2019-120 School Year
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The State of Maryland requires students to earn at least one art credit in order to earn a Maryland State High School Diploma.
Please select an art course you might want to take in the freshman year.
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The tab "semester" after some courses means the course will be offered from September to January or January to June. Since your art class will be during one semester, you must select a course for the other semester. Please select the course you would like to take opposite of your art course.
AVID I - A044
Four-year planning meeting *
North High offers four-year scheduling plan meetings for incoming students in order for families to understand the various academic options available to North High students. Meetings are conducted in small groups in the North High Media Center with a limit of 10 families per meeting date. Meetings will be scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Please select the date that best works for your family. Families will be contacted only in the case of a conflict to reschedule a meeting time. If none of these dates work, please contact Mr. Jackson at jackskev@wcps.k12.md.us to make an alternative meeting time.
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