2020 Five Rivers Partnership Educator Extern Application
Application for 2020 educator externship. Please read all of the questions prior to answering.
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Previous work experience outside the education? Public service, retail, industrial, business? A short note on how those things impact your teaching. How do you use those experiences to make learning relevant for your students?
Explain WHY are you interested in participating in our externship. What do you imagine it being like and what types of things do you hope to see, learn and do? *
Explain how do you think the externship experience will impact your effectiveness as an educator? Give an example (or two) of how prior experiences have enabled you to improve your teaching. *
The externship program is a team effort. What strengths would you bring to the team? How have you enhanced the functioning of a team in the past? Explain a prior experience with working on teams, and the value YOU brought to it. *
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