Application to join Washington Ensemble Theatre
Thank you for taking this step toward potentially becoming an Ensemble member! This is a questionnaire-style application. We hope you enjoy this sort of 'artistic evaluation' and sharing who you are as an artist and community member with us. There are 8 questions. Take your time in collecting your answers. This may take 30 - 90 minutes to complete, so if you'd like to work on your answers outside of this Google Form and paste them in when you're ready, that's totally an option. Please note, your application will be viewed anonymously; your name will only be viewed by the individual collecting form results.
What is your name?
(Optional) What are your pronouns?
Working as an Ensemble is a thorough but often slow process. It can be both frustrating and incredibly meaningful. What do you want out of working this way?
What excites you about adding to The Ensemble’s artistic voice?
Describe your personal aesthetic. What are some of your influences or favorites? (individual artists, performances, TV shows, things you've seen or listened to, etc.)
Describe a memorable creative or artistic experience you've had.
What do you require from The Ensemble in order to thrive? What are you most looking to receive out of your time at Washington Ensemble Theatre?
Why is joining The Ensemble the right thing for you at this point in your life?
How would you like to participate in the production, administration, maintenance, and/or overall well being of the company?
What is your biggest dream for Washington Ensemble Theatre?
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