Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign Questionnaire
Please fill out this form to the best of your ability.  We can chat about your answers and I can help you once I read your responses.  If you don't know the answer or aren't sure, please just write that.  No worries at all.  I just want to make sure that I have as much information from you as possible.  

Looking forward to connecting with you and helping you optimize your advertising budget.  
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What is your business name? *
Who will be the main point of contact (First and Last Name) + Title, for the Pay Per Click Advertising campaign?   *
What is their email address?   *
Are you looking for ongoing or one-time paid advertising support?   *
Anything else you want to add?  Why do you want to do paid advertising?  Ongoing business support, one-time product launch, one-time online course registration, my cousin said it's a good idea, no wrong answer
What is the primary action the site visitors should take when coming to your website?  ie. buy a product, sign up for a consultation, call you, fill out your contact form, sign up for an email list.  **Be as specific as you can**  What's the IDEAL action?   *
What is your Daily/Monthly/Annual budget for Pay Per Click Advertising (TOTAL)?  I can help you determine what percentage to put towards FB/IG vs. Google Ads later on.  Whole hog, what do you want to spend on paid advertising?  If you're not sure or you have a range, that's an acceptable answer too.   *
Who is your target audience?  Do you have more than one?  Describe your ideal client below (age, gender, location, language, interests, occupation).  We will talk A LOT more about this.  This is just the jumping-off point. *
What geographic area do you want to target with your PPC campaign (city/state/country)?  If you have an online product, consider the language of your product.... ie. English Speaking Countries.  
What type of campaign would you want me to run for you? ( e.g.:  Adwords Only, Bing Only, Adwords and Bing, FB/IG Ads, ALL OF IT, UNKNOWN....??)
Which network would you like to target? ( e.g.:  Search Network Only, Display Network Only, Both Search and Display Network) **IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS IS, JUST WRITE UNKNOWN or leave it blank**
Please list the Landing Page(s), Sales OR specific webpages that you want these ads to go to.  If it's just to your main website, then just type that below.
How do you plan to track the actions uniquely generated by the campaign?  Clicks to a specific webpage, sign-ups to an email list, phone calls, purchase a product.  If you're not sure, we can talk further.  
Is Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel or conversion tracking code installed already?
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Do you have any online purchases or email list/free download opt-ins?
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Are there any special discounts or promotional detail considerations?  Do you have a sale coming up?  Do you want to promote the sale with this ad?
Who are your biggest competitors for this campaign?  Local campaigns--- local competitors, Worldwide campaigns--- similar online products/services
What are the promotions or “perks” you offer to your customers? (e.g.: free shipping, 10% off on online purchases, 24-hour service, 2-hour arrival window, etc.)
Are there any competitive exclusions and trademark considerations?
Are there any specific branding keywords that I should be aware of?
What’s the target conversion metric (actual $ cost per sale/acquisition/lead/brand awareness) I should be aiming for?
Is it possible for you to do any design changes to the website where ever necessary?
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Can you provide me your Adwords Account Number, BingAds Account Number, and Facebook Page Manager Account?  I'll send a request to become the manager of your Adwords or Bing Ads account from my Agency account.  Happy to help if you need it.  If you are starting from scratch, just write that.... None yet!
Do you prefer to advertise in other languages apart from English? If so, will you able to support us in the translation part or do we need to take care of that?  **My team offers Spanish Translation as an extra service.  
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