Band Lettering Form 2019-20
Letter Points are as follows and are subject to revision upon review by director. Other items may be granted at the director's discretion. Please be prepared to present documentation of an activity at director's request. A total of 500 points is required to letter. Students are responsible for keeping track of their own lettering records. This form must be completed and turned in no later than May 1st to Mr. Rom. Students who do not complete this form and submit it will not letter, regardless of how many points they have earned. Students who earn 1,000 points will "double letter", and also receive a bar pin.
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Each Solo performance for EBO or DMC is worth 85 points
Each Small Ensemble performance for EBO or DMC is worth 50 points
Each Audition for an honor group (All State, Winter winds, etc.) is worth 20 points
Each ACCEPTANCE into an honor group is worth 50 points
Each extra pep band you go to (NOT a trade) is worth 10 points. Must have been there for the whole thing.
Pit Orchestra participation is worth 75 points
Taking private lessons on your instrument outside of EHS (weekly) is worth 50 points per semester
Participating in a community group (OAYO, MAYJO, BluesED, etc.) is worth 75 points
Doing a SOLO performance out in the community (performing a solo in a church program, etc.)- 25 points
Ensemble performances in the community (performing in a church band, etc.) 10 points each, or 40 per semester
Being in a Show Choir band- 75 for each group
Being and Antler Force member- 100 points
Doing Winterguard- 75 points
DMC/NSBA Rating for concert Band- 25 for superior, 15 for excellent
Marching competition results- Mr. Rom will post this number in April.
PARTCIPATING in a chair challenge- 10 points
Being in Jantlers- 100 points
Being in Jazz Dos- 100 points
Attending a concert by a symphony or professional level concert band. No high or middle school concerts. 10 points each concert
Working at Middle School Summer Band is 5-50 points. See chart posted in April for your points.
Concession shifts, Winterguard competition shifts, extra SOE shifts, fireworks shifts, fall prop construction- all are worth 5 points per hour worked.
Help with various tasks agreed to by Rom or Nelsen- generally worth 5 points per hour, or as negotiated. Please note the points you earned, and how you earned them.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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