Brockton Open Space and Recreation Plan 2020 Survey
The City of Brockton is updating its Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) to provide direction for how the City will maintain or improve the quality of its open spaces and recreational areas over the next seven years. The OSRP Working Group needs your input! Your responses to the following questions will help to identify needs, establish priorities, and set goals to include in the OSRP.

** Please respond for your entire household and submit only one survey per household. **

This survey should take less than 10 minutes to complete. Your participation is anonymous, and your answers will not be publicized or used for any purpose outside of the OSRP.

If you have any questions, please contact Megan Shave, Conservation Agent & Planner (

Thank you in advance for your help!
How many members of your household, including yourself, are in the following age ranges? *
4 +
0 - 5
6 - 12
13 - 18
19 - 29
30 - 39
40 - 49
50 - 59
60 - 69
70 +
What languages are spoken in your home? (Check all that apply) *
How long have you and your family been using Brockton's parks, recreation areas, natural areas, and other open spaces? *
Which ward do you and your family live in? *
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Where do you and your family use parks and open spaces in Brockton? *
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Please list all the ways you and your family have used Brockton's parks, recreational areas, natural areas, and open spaces in the past year. Which activities would you like to do (or would do more often) in Brockton if the opportunities were better?
Have done in Brockton in the past year
Would like to do (or do more often) if the opportunities in Brockton were better
Biking (on road)
Biking (off road)
Bird watching
Children's playgrounds and activities
Dog walking
Group exercise (yoga, pilates, tai chi, etc.)
Ice skating or hockey
Movie nights
Observing nature (scenic views, plants, wildlife, etc.)
Running and jogging (paved paths)
Walking or wheeling (paved paths)
Hiking (unpaved trails)
Trail running (unpaved trails)
Sitting and relaxing outdoors
Skateboarding or rollerblading
What prevents you from doing more of these activities in Brockton? (Check all that apply) *
Which activity from the previous question is you and your family's favorite? *
How often do you and your family do your favorite activity in Brockton? *
How often would you and your family do your favorite activity in Brockton if the opportunities were better? *
What are your priorities for improving Brockton's parks? (select all that are important to you and your family) *
What is your top priority for improving Brockton's parks? *
Are you familiar with some of Brockton's Conservation Areas? (Select the choice the best applies to you and you family) *
We are aware of this area and have visited.
We are aware of this area, but have not visited.
We do not know where this area is.
Stone Farm Conservation Area (between Torrey St and W Elm Ext)
Brockton Audubon Preserve (between Pleasant St and W Elm Ext)
Beaver Brook Conservation Area (between E Ashland St and Abington line)
Brookfield Nature Area (off N Quincy St and E Ashland St)
Washburn Meadow (off Quincy St and Frost St)
How important is it for the City to acquire additional land to preserve the following? (1 = not important; 5 = very important): *
1 (not important)
5 (very important)
Land with cultural or historical significance
Land for future recreational use (e.g. sports facilities, playgrounds)
Land suitable for agriculture and community gardening
Natural landscapes (forests, open meadows)
Storage areas for flood and storm water
Trail connections
Wetlands, waterways, and waterbodies
Wildlife and native plant habitat
Are there any parcels of land or properties you think the City should consider purchasing or permanently protecting for new conservation land, recreational use, or community gardening and urban agriculture?
How should the City of Brockton prioritize its approach to open space and recreation planning over the next seven years? Please rank the following. (1 = top priority; 7 = least priority) *
1 (top priority)
7 (lowest priority)
Improve existing active recreational facilities (sports fields, playgrounds)
Build additional active recreational facilities
Identify and maintain existing conservation land that protects natural resources
Acquire new land of conservation interest
Improve existing conservation land for passive recreation (hiking, nature study)
Preserve open space for gardening and urban agriculture
Preserve open space for protection from effects of climate change (storage for flood waters, shade from extreme heat)
In what ways would you be willing to help Brockton improve its parks, recreational areas, and other open spaces? *
Note: The Community Preservation Act generates money for preserving open space, historic sites, and outdoor recreation through the implementation a local CPA property tax surcharge of up to 3%. The State will provide an additional funding match from its CPA trust fund. (
Volunteer at cleanup events or other community efforts to help maintain open spaces
Donate money to fundraisers for open space improvement projects
Join or form a neighborhood association
Participate in meetings of an Open Space Plan Implementation Committee
Support the adoption of the Community Preservation Act for Brockton
How would you like to receive information on Brockton's open spaces, including maps, event details, and project updates?
We would use this
We would not use this
City website and calendar (
Social media pages
Email newsletter
Interactive kiosks at City Hall or other public buildings
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