Physics Reassessment Request
You've put in the time and effort to learn some physics that had been giving you trouble. Now, you're eager to show me (and the world) what you know. This is where you arrange that opportunity. Please answer each of the questions below thoroughly. If, after reading your answers, I don't feel that you are sufficiently prepared, I may postpone the reassessment until you are better prepared.
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Which learning goal are you ready to reassess? *
Please be specific. Feel free to copy and paste these. You may only reassess more than one learning goal at a time if they are clearly linked to one another. You may only reassess skills which have been assessed within the last two weeks.
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Why do you think you had difficulty mastering this learning goal(s) on your most recent assessment of the goal? *
Please be specific. Taking time to think about how you were thinking is beneficial to understanding.
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What specific work have you done to ensure that you understand the learning goal(s) for this reassessment? *
For example, "I did problems" or "I watched the video" is not a sufficient explanation. State which problems you worked on and what source they are from. Here is a good example: "I studied my class notes to make sure that I understand the procedure (which I do). Then, I redid problem #2 on the Dynamics quiz and problem #7 from the test we just took. Then, I did the following problems in the APlusPhysics book: 4.37-4.41. I have a question about 4.37... I really think that the book is wrong. You will be expected to turn in tangible evidence of this work prior to undertaking the reassessment.
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How would you like to undertake the reassessment? *
Detail how you will demonstrate your knowledge. Will you teach the instructor the concept? Will you create a detailed worksheet (with solution sheet)? Will you take a quiz or test on the topic? Will you create a video screencast (I recommend students use Jing. It is free and simple to use and it can upload the videos to The videos have to be less than 5 minutes. What is the screencast of? It is of the students going over a problem. Most students choose to work out a problem, take a picture and then talk about the picture while it is on their screen.) Be as specific as possible. If you are unsure, feel free to discuss with the instructor beforehand.
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What date/time would you like to do the reassessment? *
All reassessment requests must be submitted before 6 pm at least 48 hours prior to the day you wish to take the reassessment. For instance, submitting it before 6 pm on Monday would allow you to take it Wednesday or any day after that.
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