Let's help SparkLab.us fund their Kickstarter and have them visit Bmore!

UPDATE -- 4/30/2012

Because of the interested that was garnered in Baltimore, SparkLab is putting together a national road trip and hopefully will be making a stop in Bmore! Check out their website for the announcement and updates: http://sparklab.us

UPDATE -- 3/24/2012

Just wanted to send an update to those that backed our local fundraiser to bring SparkLab's mobile fab lab to Baltimore:

Huge thanks to all of you that offered a contribution. We raised a sizable amount of money in a very short time and even though we didn't reach the goal of $5000 it has demonstrated a clear interest in bringing a mobile fab lab or "tech truck" to Baltimore. I've been talking to the SparkLab guys at Stanford and they were thrilled with our effort. So much so that we're now figuring out ways to collaborate with them in helping Baltimore build our own truck! Next step will be to identify some local organizations that might be interested (I'm thinking the Node, Towson FabLab, DHF's Rec2Tech...) in adopting this project and using our effort to jumpstart the truck.

If you're interested in helping launch a Baltimore Tech Truck by all means keep the dialog going! The Baltimore Tech Facebook Group (http://on.fb.me/H6H1II) might be a good place to keep others in the loop.


I came across a Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/ws8hl3) today for a mobile fab lab being built by some students at Stanford's d.school. They are proposing to convert a utility truck into a mobile fab lab/tech truck and have it go from school-to-school in the Bay Area (San Francisco) and let kids learn and play with top of the line 3d printers, laser cutters, etc.

There's about 30 hours left in the project and they're still under their goal of $25k. If someone puts up a $5000 pledge (which will put them over their goal) they will come to the city of the pledgee's choice for a day of workshops.

Let's take them up on this. What if a bunch of us in Baltimore (1) helped them reach their goal, why not, and (2) got them to drive across the country to Baltimore for a full day of workshops! Might be a cool marketing story and it could inspire some folks locally to pick up where they left off by building a model similar to what they've done. There are an infinite number of benefits of helping out some do-good folks across the country.

I'll throw in $100, I need 49 others to match me :-) If we don't reach our local goal of $5000 by Midnight on Friday, I won't be collecting anything.
If you're interested in supporting, please fill out this form: http://bit.ly/bmorehelpingSF and/or pass this email along.

The pledge will be in the name of the "Baltimore Community", unless there's a significant contribution (> $200) in which your name will be included as well.

    Money Raised -- $2300 out of $5000

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