2019 FNB W2W | Charity Application
Successful applicants will receive the following entries to the 2019 FNB Wines2Whales event(s) of their choice:
- 1 x complimentary Standard Tent entry
- 1 x guaranteed entry

Successful applicants will also have access to additional blocks of discounted entries into the Pinotage race, linked to a GivenGain fundraising competition with the organisation raising the most funds winning a complimentary entry to the 2020 event. More details will be provided should you be successful.

Deadline for applications is 15 May 2019. Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis from 14 February and may be accepted prior to the deadline.

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What is the Purpose/Mission of your Organisation? *
Should your application be successful, this short description will be published on our website. Word count: 50 words.
Is your Organisation registered with GivenGain? *
If your Organisation's application is accepted, it must have a live GivenGain page which will be linked to the FNB W2W GivenGain platform. Riders who are participating on the entries received by the Organisation are encouraged to create a fundraising campaign on the FNB W2W GivenGain platform to contribute towards the respective Organisation. If your Organisation does not have a GivenGain page, we will put you in touch with the GivenGain team who will gladly assist in getting you started.
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