Meal Plan Questionnaire
My suggested meal plans are 100% customized and specifically created for you and your preferences. However, everything I provide is a suggestion - Please use your plan as a guide and inspiration to promote healthier cooking habits and fun experiences in the kitchen.

You are able to pick which meals you want included in your plan (breakfast / lunch / dinner). Pricing shown is set per week. You may choose however many weeks you would like included.

Here is pricing for all options:

1. Breakfast, lunch, dinner meal plan + snack suggestions ($25 per week, M-F)

2. Lunch and dinner only ($20 per week, M-F)

3. Dinner only ($10 per week, M-F)

*add and extra $2 per week to include Saturday and Sunday

Remember that I personally customize this for you and your body / preferences! This means you're guaranteed satisfaction AND results!

If you have any questions at all, let me know! I want this to be exactly what you want.

Please be as specific as possible. The more detailed you are, the better I can serve you!
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