How can we support #BlackLivesMatter?
I have been thinking about how to build recent events in the US into our PSHE curriculum.
Please could you respond to the questions in the questionnaire.

Following the responses, we hope to lead to a working group of students looking at what we can do as a school to give effective support to the campaign #BlackLivesMatter and other groups that campaign to stop racism and discrimination in our society.

Regards, Ms Pritchard
Please state your tutor group. *
How do the images we are seeing in the USA make you feel? *
Would you like to create a discussion group to address the situation? *
Do you feel the injustices that take place in America reflect the injustices in the UK? If yes, how? *
How can we as a school help affect change to systemic racism in the UK? *
How do you, as young members of society, feel we can collectively express our concerns and anger at the situation; bearing in mind the situation is in the USA, but still affects us here in the UK? *
What can we, as a school community, do to express our support for the current situation but doing so in a safe and civil manner so as to avoid encouraging and or participating in civil unrest? *
Is there anything in particular that students would like the School to release as a statement which expresses collective support to the oppressed members of society? *
Is there anything the School should be doing to improve relationships with young members of society and the police? *
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