2018 PreK Parent and Family Survey
As a parent or guardian of a child in Pre-K, your opinion is very valuable to us! Each year we strive to meet the needs of children and families through learning activities, opportunities for parental involvement, and communication with teachers and other staff. The survey below is critical in providing us with the information necessary to make changes to our program to best meet the needs of children and families. Please consider completing the survey as honestly and as thoroughly as you can. The information you provide is very important in helping us make the Pre-K program the best it can be!
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Does your child find the classroom activities and experiences interesting?
Do you and your child talk about the activities and experiences at home?
Does the classroom newsletter give you enough information about the activities, experiences, and learning goals?
Have the parent-teacher conferences and home visits provided you with useful insights about your child?
Do the activities support the goals you have for your child's development and learning?
How has the program helped you enhance your child's school readiness and strengthen your parenting skills?
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Do you have enough access to the school/center or teachers by phone, email, or in person?
Share any suggestions you have related to school and parent communication.
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As a parent, do you feel welcome to visit the classroom anytime?
Do you feel the teachers have a positive attitude toward your family?
Are you satisfied with the opportunities for family involvement (i.e. events, education opportunities, resources)?
Describe anything you don't like about the program. How can the program do a better job of meeting the needs of children and their families?
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On a scale of 1-10, please rate your overall satisfaction with the program's care and education.
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