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Congratulations on your engagement! This is a very exciting time for you and your fiancée. As you prepare for your wedding day, you're undoubtedly checking off all sorts of boxes on your "to-do" lists. We know what this is like. We've been there before. And perhaps attending this Pre-Cana digital retreat is just another one of those checkbox items. Perhaps the priest or deacon preparing you for marriage help to get you excited about this retreat experience. Wherever you may be, we're glad that you're here.

Our Pre-Cana team here at St. Charles has been working hard to make this a good experience for everyone. As you're most likely aware, we typically do our Pre-Cana retreats in person. We love to meet our couples and get to know your story. But with the state of the world and the pandemic, we know this isn't a possibility for many of you. This is why this year's retreat is digital. Here's what you need:

1) Continue to register via this form.
2) Wait for us to contact you via email to let you know that your Pre-Cana packet is available for pick up at the parish office. (If you are signing up before March 15th, just know that this email won't come until then at the earliest)
3) Come to the front office to pick up your packet with what you'll need for your digital retreat.
4) Make sure to drop off your registration fee ($75/couple, either cash or check made out to "St. Charles")
5) Pick a date and location for you and your fiancée to do this retreat as uninterrupted as possible (typically Pre-Cana is on a Saturday in March) - The retreat will be approximately 4 hours total (a great time for discussion)
6) Click on the Private YouTube "Pre-Cana Retreat" link to start the retreat (make sure you have your materials). Our tentative release date of the retreat video is March 15th. You'll be notified when it is officially released via email. You'll have two weeks from the time you pick up your packet to complete the Pre-Cana retreat.
7) Once you've completed your retreat, please go back into that email with the YouTube link and click on the "Pre-Cana Completion Questionnaire) - Complete that questionnaire.
8) We will then contact you via email to make sure that your address is correct and send you your Pre-Cana completion certificate.
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