Back to the Beisics
Back to the Beisics is a weekly class that will go through the basics of religious Judaism - part practical, part ideological. The goal is that by end, participants would feel at home in our or other religious communities. It's intended for people who are new to Judaism or new to religious Judaism, or people looking to renew/refresh their Judaism! There will be monthly units (e.g. 'A Day in the Life', 'Mano-el-Mano', 'Holy Days and Happy Days') each led by a different facilitator from our community - and there will be a mix of text-based, discussion-based, and hands-on learning.

No background or commitment or any kind is required or assumed.

If you're interested or might be interested, let us know here and we'll try and schedule the best time for everyone. We're aiming to start in January 2020, and you're free to join us along the way.
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