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This is a pretest in order to know your information level about algorithm
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1. Luke writes an algorithm just for brushing his teeth. Which one of these steps does he write down first?
2. Luke thinks about getting up in a morning. He writes an algorithm. Luke writes down the steps, one by one.The first step he writes down is: ‘Wake up’. What is the next step?
3. Computers need algorithms to work. They need to be told the steps to make things happen.An algorithm is like a list of instructions. But it’s not just computers that need instructions. We do, too.Which one of these everyday examples is an algorithm?
4. Which one of these is an algorithm?
5. Which one of these spellings is correct?
6. Computers can be told how to do sums. Which one of these is a sum?
7. How do you write an algorithm?
8. Algorithms help us to solve problems or get things done. Algorithms are a list of _____.
9. Connor is writing down a simple algorithm. He writes down all the steps. The steps must be:
10. There is a big red square painted on the school playground. Mrs Smith is a teacher. She takes her class out to the playground. Mrs Smith gives instructions about how to walk once round the big red square.Mrs Smith asks Alice to stand at one corner of the big red square. Mrs Smith tells Alice to walk to the next corner of the square. She then tells Alice to turn right.What is Mrs Smith’s next instruction to Alice?
11. Sam and his Mum walk to school. What is the first step in the algorithm?
12. Sam says, “If it is wet I put up my hood. I talk to my Mum. We walk down our street. Mum laughs at my jokes.”What is the next step in the algorithm for getting to school?
13. Sam says, “At the end of our street we turn left into Lincoln Road. Lincoln Road is very long. It goes all the way into the town centre. That’s where the shops are.”What is the next step in the algorithm for getting to school?
14. Sam says, “We pass the Methodist church on our left. Then we cross the road at the zebra crossing.”What is the next step in the algorithm?
15. Sam says, “After the zebra crossing, we carry on walking along Lincoln Road. Some days my friend Luke and his Mum catch up with us.”Which one of these will you write down next in your algorithm?
16. Sam and his Mum then get to the main road. They cross the road. Sam presses the button and waits for the green man to light up before they cross the road.What is the next step in the algorithm?
17. Sam says, “We get to the corner of Lincoln Road and Chester Grove. We turn right into Chester Grove. There is a shop on the corner. It sells sweets and drinks. On Fridays, Mum lets me buy some sweets at the shop.”What will you write down next?
18. The school is further along Chester Grove. It is on the right. What is the next step in the algorithm?
19. The school is on Chester Grove. It is on the right. Sam and his Mum have reached the school gates. What now is the next step in the algorithm?
20. What is the final step in this algorithm?
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