"Let us find our way home" Submissions
Let us find our way home is a community weaving and machine learning project that brings together local and global communities to visualize the collective concept of home.

The public is invited to express interpretations of home as both a physical and emotional space through weavings and accompanying texts. Weavings will be pieced together as they accumulate. Machine learning — the use of algorithms to interpret and predict data — will be applied to anonymize individual responses and generate a collective manifesto on the concept of home.


People within marginalized communities are often targets of cyber surveillance. Images, videos, audios, texts, and other data formats submitted through the Google form can be traced back to the original owners.

If you are concerned about data privacy and safety, please consider attending the workshop in person and/or submitting your weaving and interpretations via mail. Your name and return address on the envelope will be shredded upon receipt unless you have indicated interest in being recognized by the project.

Sometimes, the safest way to protect your data is to not share them at all. This project strives to make space for the missing storylines from those who do not feel safe in sharing them.

Please mail your 5x5” woven pieces to:
Chi Nguyen, TAC Maker Space
505 Carroll St
Brooklyn, NY 11215

A photo of your weaving *
Home is *
A textual interpretation on the concept of home based on your weaving in the language and format of your choosing
An ASL interpretation on the concept of home based on your weaving (video)
Other interpretation (audio)
Your name (please share only if you want to be acknowledged by the project)
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