UNC-CH Refugee Health Initiative

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Have you volunteered with RHI before?
Because you will be visiting the home of your refugee family, do you have a car? *
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Although the majority of our families are based in Durham, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro, occasionally there may be a refugee family living in Raleigh in need of RHI services. This requires that you commit to slightly longer commute times to and from your family. Would you be willing to be matched with a Raleigh-based family? *
Do you have any experience with refugee populations? *
If yes, please explain in what capacity.
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Please list any languages besides English that you can speak proficiently/conversationally. Please include levels of proficiency for each language. (I.e. Spanish-intermediate, Arabic-fluent, etc.)
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Please provide a personal statement expanding on your interest in working with RHI. (1100 character limit) *
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Previous volunteers spent an average of 2-3 hours per week with their RHI families with an additional 1-2 hours for planning and traveling. Will you be committed to RHI? How do you plan to maintain a consistent level of commitment throughout the entirety of the program? (1100 character limit) *
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Please share any experience(s) you have had that have heightened your awareness of cultural differences. Can you provide a specific example of how you dealt with cultural differences in the past? (1600 character limit) *
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Volunteer Expectations
Please view the volunteer expectations here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kpbOpuQi59wM_kgt9BfQoG_4JI1b9Lqii5RiyJBIf9M

Once you have reviewed them and agree to fulfill the expectations, sign below.

If I become a part of the RHI team, I fully commit to the responsibilities I have to my refugee family as a participant and pledge not to leave the program until such responsibilities have been fulfilled. *
Please electronically sign your name.
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I will attend the mandatory orientation. *
One or two orientations, which will take place in early October, will be announced by the last week of September at the latest. Exceptions will only be made if there is adequate evidence that proves you have class during both sessions. Do you agree to complete the mandatory orientation?
I understand that I must obtain a mandatory background check, for which I will pay approximately $25 out of pocket. I will have it completed in time to bring it to the orientation. *
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