Are you a Match for Online Fitness Training?
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1. Does driving to the gym stress you out or make you avoid going?
Question 1 Feedback
At the beginning of a routine I will often joke with my clients that “The hard part is over. We’ve shown up; now we just have to make it count.” Let’s face it, even when the gym is a few blocks away, getting in the car and driving there can still be a huge mental hurdle to overcome. If you said YES and ending a session then heading right to your shower sounds perfect, online fitness training is likely a good fit for you.
 2. Do you prefer to patronize small businesses?
Question 2 Feedback
83% of personal trainers plan to, or are currently offering online fitness training. That’s a tremendous opportunity to earn income as an entrepreneur rather than an employee of a gym. When owner-operated fitness businesses are thriving, making more and spending less, the savings can be shared with their clients. If you said YES and helping to make an entrepreneur’s dreams come true sounds good, online fitness training is likely a good fit for you.
3. Does picking out gym clothes take more time than you’d like?
Question 3 Feedback
The fear of failing at gym fashion is real. If the gym floor always looks like a convention for Insta influences, we may feel obligated to look just as fabulous each time we head to the gym. In a personal session from home we can come as we are and avoid the wasted time in our closet. If you said YES and personal sessions where fashion is not the focus feels right, online fitness training is likely a good fit for you.
4.  Do you like high-quality instruction at an affordable rate? 
Question 4 Feedback
Between saving on gym fees, travel expenses, and time, online fitness training is often an affordable addition to a Personal Trainer’s services. This means Trainer’s can offer their high-quality Instruction at an affordable rate for clients. It also means clients save on travel and time. If you said YES and you love a good value, online fitness training is likely a good fit for you.
5.   Do you enjoy having exercise variations that work well for your body?
Question 5 Feedback

Most people, myself included, have movement patterns that can be uncomfortable or even painful to perform due to a past injury or current condition. Some of us must avoid lunges, while others need to avoid deep spinal extensions. I personally avoid pushups. Due to my condition, they simply don’t serve my body well.

With an online consultation, online intake questionnaires, and an online form to communicate with a client’s doctor, instructors able to learn and understand each client’s limitations and ensure they get the most comprehensive workout that is safely possible. If you said Yes, and making progress without high risk movements sounds like your style, online fitness training is likely a good fit for you.

6.  Do you enjoy the confidence of knowing your workout time was well spent?
Question 6 Feedback

In a live online class instructors see your pace, energy, and form and can immediately cue to make an improvement or keep kicking ass. Instructors can model proper form and answer questions in the moment. If you said Yes and knowing you’re doing it right is important to you, online fitness training is likely a good fit. 

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