Reborn Sign-Up Application
This is the sign-up application form for Reborn, an Atropos larp about living a life in a norm-changing culture, openly embracing different ideals from those we know from the real world as well as existing and portraying entirely new genders, completely separate from the genders we as players are accustomed to.

It is important for us to state a few things so that everyone is aware:

* Reborn is not a larp about moving away from an old gender norm or changing gender in the fiction. In the fiction, everyone will be playing characters fully accepting of the elemental genders. It is not about transitioning or dysphoria towards the real world genders in any way.

* The elemental genders are not tied to your body in any way - not yours as a player, not the character's. They are assigned depending on the time of day that you were born, and everyone in the commune believes that this dictates how you will behave, feel, what things you will like, who you will be attracted to, etc.
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Payment will be done through bank transfer or Swish for Swedish participants. The payment link will be sent out once your application has been accepted.
How much would you like to pay for your spot at Reborn?
Application Questions
This is a section for questions about your interest in the larp, what you might want to play and what you hope to experience at the larp.

We will not provide a separate casting form for this larp, since the larp is on such short notice and the characters are more bare-bones than many other of our larps, leaving some room for individually adapting them to your playstyle.

Once everyone has been accepted to the larp, we will send out a list of participants so you can tell us if there are any participants you want to be cast with or if there are any you would not want to be cast with.
Why do you want to participate in Reborn?
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Have you participated in any other larps that explored gender or gender norms in any major way? If so, which ones and how did you find it?
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Why do you want to experience the other differences in norms (other than gender) that are present in the Reborn commune?
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What is the most interesting aspect of the larp for you?
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Do you have any preference for what Element or Elements you want to portray or explore?
Would you like to be someone who was born in the commune or one of the few who have joined it in their lifetime?
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Where in the hierarchy within the commune would you like to be?
Lowest (most often Firesouled)
Highest, leader positions (Most often watersouled)
Is there anything else you want to add for the organizers?
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Do you confirm that by sending in this application form, Atropos can store and use your information for the running of Reborn, as well as afterwards for documentation purposes? You can rescind your consent once the event has been run and we will remove your information. *
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