Youth Info and Medical Form 2020-21
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MEDICAL RELEASE: We/I do hereby acknowledge that our son/daughter has permission to attend off-site functions sponsored by First Presbyterian Church, Hickory, NC; and I do hereby release the said church and the accompanying adult advisors from any legal liability or financial responsibility which may arise during the course of the function(s).  I hereby authorize emergency treatment as deemed necessary in the event I cannot be contacted immediately.  I realize that the health information described above will be kept in confidence.  However, I give my permission for it to be shared with any adult in charge of a function on a need-to-know basis as determined by the youth leader. *
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MEDIA RELEASE:  First Presbyterian Church (FPC), Hickory, NC has permission for the above named youth to be photographed with the understanding that the photograph may be in/on newspapers, Facebook, Instagram, FPC's website, and/or other media. *
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