Fangaea Cosplay Contest Registration Form
Fangaea Con will be taking place on Saturday, September 14 and Sunday, September 15. Our Cosplay Contest will be happening on Sunday, September 15 at 5:00pm! You MUST have a ticket to Fangaea to participate in the Fangaea Cosplay Contest. Ticket info can be found at

The Rules!
1 ~ Participants must check-in 20 minutes before the contest begins.
~~~ If you have registered online but fail to appear on time, you will be disqualified from entering the contest.
2 ~ Contestants can only participate as an Individual or Duo and not as groups.
~~~ Each contestant may only enter one costume into competition.
3 ~ At least 60% of the costume must be made by the contestant(s).
4 ~ Do not enter or exit the staging area except at the designated points.
5 ~ Each participant will be given up to 1 minute to pose and demonstrate their costume on stage.
6 ~ Please keep outfits family friendly and suitable for all ages.
~~~ No nudity, profanity, or discrimination/racism is allowed, nor are obscene or vulgar acts, gestures, or comments.
~~~ No political or religious statements via costume or commentary will be permitted.
7 ~ All weapons and props must adhere to the weapons policy (see
~~~ No weapons or props may be sharp or be able to launch projectiles.
~~~ Nothing may be launched at all, no matter how "safe" a participant claims it to be.
8 ~ All judging will be done by a panel of four judges.
~~~ Judging will be determined based on craftsmanship, performance, and creativity.
9 ~ Costumes must be self-contained and not need any external support or utilities (e.g. electricity, water, etc)
10 ~ Large, elaborate costumes must be handled by the contestant and/or assistants to help.
~~~ Fangaea staff and volunteers will not be liable for anything that happens to costumes
11 ~ You will not be able to provide your own music, you must perform your part with the music that is playing.
12 ~ Deadline to submit Fangaea Cosplay Contest application is September 13, 2019
13 ~ Depending on available space, on-site registration will be available.

Thank you!!!
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By submitting this form, you agree to the rules stated above and in the policies of Fangaea (see website). Submitting this form only guarantees your entry if you have purchased a ticket to Fangaea. You also recognize you will be photographed and filmed for future Fangaea promotional purposes.
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