BIOL 4302 GalápaGo! Application (Spring/Summer 2024)
The course and trip are open to all majors.  In fact, we want a mix of backgrounds and interests among our students.  

This course is offered in Spring 2024 and provides required preparation for a research-based learning abroad trip to the Galápagos Islands in Summer 2024. The trip lasts a little over 3 weeks. Students will assist faculty with ongoing research projects at the Galápagos Science Center on San Cristóbal Island. In addition to preparing you for this immersive research experience, we will use the Galápagos Islands as a model to explore several topics in biology, geology, conservation, history, and art. The course will include integrative projects, readings, student-led discussions, field trips, and lectures. You must take the course to go on the trip, and you cannot register for the course unless you plan to travel with us.  

The research, and getting around the islands, is physically strenuous. The islands are along the equator and so the sun is direct and hot. Several of the research projects require snorkeling in the ocean. Most of the research sites are only accessible on foot.  Students can expect to spend 4–6 hours in the water and to walk approximately 8 miles a day.  You must be comfortable swimming in the ocean in depths of up to 20 feet and you must be able to walk 6–10 miles each day to participate. While fluency in Spanish is not necessary to take the trip, some proficiency with the language is very useful in your host home, in town, on excursions and while doing fieldwork.

Please complete the survey below to begin the process of applying for the course and trip.  There are only 30 slots, so apply early!
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