TWSJ Special Interest Application
This is the special interest application for joining Third World Social Justice Coop, located on the third floor of Harkness Hall. This housing co-op is an active housing community whose members demonstrate personal interest in themes of social justice and race. This housing co-op seeks to promote a safer community for members of all backgrounds, especially for members of color. The co-op also supports the efforts of identity-based student and activist organizations within the Oberlin community. This housing option is cognizant of and values individuals who have engaged personally with and have been affected by current societal racial dynamics. Members of TWSJ housing co-op will receive a dining spot in Third World Co-op.

A membership selection committee will review your application . Your name will not be revealed to the committee. Any identifying information will only be viewed by the Membership Secretary for the purposes of processing applications and placements. All decisions made by the selection committee are final.
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What attracts you to Third World Social Justice Co-op? Why is participating in this community important to you? *
Describe your commitment to or intentions of being involved in and supporting identity-based student organizations. *
Why do you want to be a member of a house that is run cooperatively and is a member of a cooperative association? What is your experience with cooperation? *
Third World Social Justice Co-op is a space where discussions of identity usually take place within conversations of social justice and race. Please share an example of a difficult conversation you've participated in, including your specific role in the conversation. What was the outcome? *
How will your participation in the Third World Social Justice Housing Co-op further its mission statement? Please refer to the mission statement found here as necessary: *
Your housing membership grants you a dining spot in the Third World Dining Co-op (TWC), an example of an identity-based community in Oberlin. How do your values align with the mission statement of TWC? Please refer to the TWC found here as necessary: *
What programs and projects would you like to see in this co-op? Why? *
What else would you like us to know about you and your own experiences? *
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