Mentorship Program (UC Davis AMSA)
Welcome to the UC Davis American Medical Student Association!
***With all due respect, this database is available to PAID AMSA members only.***

If you are interested in becoming an AMSA mentor/mentee, please fill out this form for us to know you better and find the best match for you. As a reminder, our student association is comprised of undergraduates, medical students, physicians, and various healthcare professionals.

◈ Applying to be a mentor will grant 3 membership points
◈ Applying to be a mentee will grant 1 membership point
◈ You will paired with a mentee/mentor, which is expected to be a minimum 2-quarter commitment

We will not keep track of your interactions with your mentees/mentors. If you would like to be swapped and/or have any questions/concerns, please email us at

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Medical students and undergraduates may both become mentors if they are interested.
Mission Statement
The three main pillars of the American Medical Student Association are Education, Mentorship, and Community.

We along with our sister chapters and on-campus student communities strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment for all participating members.

In the past, UC Davis AMSA has written statements focused on Diversity and Inclusion as it follows our mission statement to prepare pre-health students of all backgrounds to become knowledgeable and well-rounded candidates through scholarship, networking, philanthropy, and community partnership.

With all due respect, we would like members to share their demographic information as it will provide meaningful data about the members in our community.

The following questions are optional and all responses will be kept confidential.
Thank you for your consideration and please contact us at if you have any concerns.

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