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This form is utilized to ensure that YMCA Sports selects coaches who embody youth development and ensure that ALL players feel a sense of achievement, belonging and build relationships throughout the season. Coaches are the single-most important factor in the experience of youth and families. Once complete, your responses and information is sent to the YMCA Sports Office in email and PDF Form.
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Coaches are expected to be role models of positive behavior, even in times of frustration and/or controversy. Can you maintain composure and act with respect to those around you in ALL situations regardless of perceived right or wrong? *
Do you accept that you can and will be removed from a coaching position with the YMCA if you do not act in accordance of the YMCA values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility? *
I have reviewed for season dates and information. I have a clear understanding of the upcoming season timeline. *
I have completed the background check application at This MUST be complete and processed prior to receiving any team information. All coaches are subject to an in-depth background check to ensure player safety. *
I have obtained my required my adult membership to the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and have emailed my membership number to ($16 fee) Website: *
As required with my National AAU Membership, I have completed the Double-Goal Coach I: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons. *
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