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Contestant Audtions are CLOSED. For crew & guest judge positions (by invitation only), please read the following and complete the form below. Thank you for your interest!

Seven writers paired with seven performers. Writers, write. Performers, Present. Judges Judge (with help from those tuning it). Open-mic format – props and self provided sound effects allowed. Contestants (and crew members) must be available for filming dates Sunday afternoons (1-3:30), February 10th thru March 24th plus one 2 hour (minimum) work session during the week on Wednesday evenings, 7 to 9pm. Show will air on BATV as well, via internet and will include social media interaction. Should you have any questions, please email:

1) How long will the writers / performers have to prepare and perform?
Answer: The challenge will be assigned for the upcoming week at the end of each show. Writer and performer will have 7 days to write, edit, consult, rehearse and ready for live performance on the show which has a time limit of 2 - 5 minutes, depending on the challange.

2) Can writers use previously written works?
Answer: No, written works should be original, created for the show based on the weekly challenge.

3) Do performers have to memorize material?
Answer: No, performances will be judged by presentation quality and impact. Use of a script is allowed, however may affect performance.

4) How are performers and writers matched?
Answer: Performers and writers are randomly paired together each week.

5) How are eliminations decided?
Answer: Eliminations are judged on an individual basis, not in pairs.

6) Are judges and crew required to be present for the mid-week workshops?
No, judges are only needed for the one Sunday assigned for the two hour filming. Crew members will be decided on an individual basis. These positions are not paid.

7) What is my total time commitment?
Answer: The total time commitment is discerned by the individual teams. However, one 2-hour work session will be required for filming purposes (Wednesday evening from 7 - 9pm at which time a working written draft will be submitted) as well as the show on Sunday from 1 - 3:30pm.

8) Are acting or writing pairs allowed?
Answer: Yes, you do not have to act or write as a solo - you may audition as a duo. However, you cannot enter as an actor/writer duo.


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