VIP Weekend with Natalie Jill & Sarah Pendrick - Apply Below!
The AUGUST 16-18 2019 VIP weekend experience is for YOU if you have achieved results, are making progress but want to LEVEL UP your life a lot more! You are looking for RADICAL results and you want to FAST TRACK it in a weekend.

This is for you if you are solution oriented, love taking on new goals and thrive in real time experiences.

This experience is about VISION, INSPIRATION, getting clear on your PASSION, PURPOSE and more (all while having a lot of FUN!)

We would LOVE to be able to work with and help individually every single person that wants it, but that just isn't realistic. Our VIP experiences are with small groups of 6-10 woman that have chosen to invest in themselves and level up their lives.

This allows us to manage the group while still providing the necessary individualized attention so YOU get the RESULT you are after! This VIP weekend experience is a way to FAST TRACK leveling up your life!

There IS an investment for this life changing VIP experience, and that is why the group is so powerful. It is powerful when a group of committed women invest in themselves, work with great coaches, and continue to support each other during + after the process.

We look forward to learning more about you and exploring if you are a candidate for this VIP weekend experience!

- Natalie Jill & Sarah Pendrick :)

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EXAMPLES: I would be in a happy loving marriage, have a LOT of great friends and a fabulous support system, I would feel and look ten years younger than I do now, I would love my body, I would have fun with my days and I would be running a (profitable) business that I am passionate about and I am stress free!
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