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A note about fees:
It's our greatest concern to assist in peaceful resolution of conflict in our families, neighborhoods and communities.  HMS uses a sliding fee schedule based on ability to pay, and we keep that schedule as modest as we can while still keeping our doors open.  Fee reduction or fee waiver may be applied.  If our minimum fees create a financial hardship, please contact our office.  Please see the fee schedule below.

Intake fee:  Intake fees are charged to each party.  They are not subject to refund.  

Case development fee:   A case development fee (CDF) is charged to each party and covers an individual case development meeting with just you and two of the three mediators who will work with you.  

Mediation Session Fee:  A mediation session fee (MSF) is charged per mediation session to each party.  This fee covers a mediation session with a panel of three mediators.  Sessions usually range from two to three hours.  (If a session goes longer than three hours, we usually find that people need to take a break and reconvene another day.)

All fees are based on the sliding scale below.  

All fees are due and payable prior to the case development meeting.  

CDFs and MSFs are refunded if those sessions do not occur.
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