CubeKrowd Report Form
Here you are able to report players who you believe have been breaking the rules.

Please provide as much information as you can offer. Reports that don't have sufficient evidence may be rejected and the offenders may not be punished.

For assistance online, please use /report! All online Staff will see and respond immediately.

Who is it you are reporting? *
Please provide the players full IGN
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What rules have they broken? *
When did this occur? *
Submit your evidence to support your report
What evidence do I need for each offence?
Spam - Screenshots
Abusive Language/Swearing - Screenshots
Advertising - Screenshots
Sprint Hacks - Video
Fly Hacks - Video
Derping - Video
Aimbot/Forcefield - Video
Team Greif, (in missilewars) - Screenshot works if they are good but preferably video.
Exploiting Glitches - Video

For video, we recommend an unlisted youtube video
For screenshots, we recommend imgur or puush

Link to proof *
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We may need to contact you in the future if we need more support to backup your report. Or we just want to thank you for helping us make the community a better place!
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