Non-School Judge Registration Form -- Texas French Symposium 2018
The Woodlands High School
The Woodlands, TX
March 23-24, 2018

Symposium Theme: les Années Folles

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Availability and Event Preferences
Find the time slots that you are available to judge then check the events that you would prefer to judge during that time slot.

You are encouraged to check more than one event in each time slot as events are staggered and you may be asked to judge more than one event in a given slot.

We need most judges on Friday evening and Saturday morning. This is when most student events occur.

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Semi-Final (SF) and Final (F) Rounds
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Final Rounds
Please let us know anything special we need to consider when assigning your judging responsibilities.
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Additional -- Prospective Judge Information
Do you know others who can serve as a judge at Symposium in 2018? We would like to contact them by e-mail about helping us out. Please provide names and e-mail addresses below.
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