MSHSL Music Judge Registration - No Google Account
To register for 2020-2021 and before filling out this form, make sure you have completed the following:
1. Go to
2. Select Minnesota and Order Course
3. Register and take the Music Adjudication Course
4. The course will take approximately 50 minutes. You can stop and restart at any time.
5. After completing the course, you'll receive a PDF Certificate of Completion.
6. Save the certificate as a PDF and title it LastName_FirstName_MusicCourse (i.e. Johnson_Amanda_MusicCourse).
7. If you do not have a Google account, fill out the Music Judge Registration Form below and submit. Then attach the PDF of your Certificate to an email and send to:
8. Following submitting the form you should see your name toward the top of the Registered Music Judges List.
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Areas of Competency
Designate your major areas of competency with a “1” and areas of limited training, experience and preference with a “2”. For those areas you prefer not to judge, check N/A. B - Band | BR - Brass | BQ - Barbershop Quartet | CG - Choir & Glee Clubs | JE - Jazz Ensemble | O - Orchestra | P - Percussion | PS - Pop-Swing/Show Choir/Vocal Jazz Ensemble | S - Strings | VE - Vocal Ensemble | VS - Vocal Solos | W - Woodwinds
Conviction Status
Place your initials in one of the two questions below as it pertains to you. This information will not be made public.
I HAVE NOT been convicted or adjudicated of an offense involving a minor or sexual offense, an offense involving any illegal/illicit drugs, and I am not currently serving a sentence or probation/parole period for any offense. Type your initials in the box below:
I HAVE been convicted, or adjudicated with a finding of fault, guilt, or violation, in regard to an offense involving a minor or any sexual offense, an offense involving any illegal/illicit drug or controlled substance; or I am currently serving a sentence or a parole/probation period for any offense or adjudication of guilt imposed by any court, judge or administrative body. (You must explain in full detail and attach letter to form. Include nature and date of conviction, dates and time served probation/parole requirements, and dates of probation/parole). Type your initials in the box below:
Acknowledgment: *
The judge acts as an independent contractor when entering into an agreement with an MSHSL member school. The contractor agrees that failure to provide workers' compensation insurance for himself/herself, spouse, parents, or children constitutes a rejection of workers' compensation benefits for those individuals. NOTE: Knowingly providing false, incomplete, or inaccurate information on this registration form or any other report to the MSHSL will result in immediate suspension. I herewith make an application for registration as a music judge of the Minnesota State High School League in the area(s) indicated above. My name entered below verifies that all information on this registration form is accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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