Growth Hormones are abused as means of Eternal Youth
n the 19th century there were broken detonators, which "with guarantee" would ensure people a longer life. In these years, growth hormones are marketed with terrifying success by both quackers and some doctors.

It is the internet that has given actors in the so-called anti-aging industry a propaganda platform that is more powerful than ever before. From here, horror revolutions spread out about the age of decay and promise youthful appearance and longer life.


Do You Want to Leave Younger In Your Old Age?
Growth Hormones
According to Rulis, it is completely impossible to estimate the extent of abuse of growth hormones as "lifestyle medicine". The drug developed for low children with serious growth problems can also be legally printed for adults who have had the hormone-producing pituitary gland damaged by chemotherapy. Growth hormones have an influence on metabolism, and the body produces them all the life, but the amount decreases with age.
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Many Serious Side Effects
During the side effects of injections and abuse of growth hormones you can see the following:

growth failure
Fluid accumulation in the body
Cardiovascular disease
Joint pain
muscle pain
Increased sweat
Increased hair
Increased blood sugar / diabetes
High blood pressure (hypertension)
Akromegali - where among others Hands and feet grow
Increased size of internal organs
Greasy skin
Increased cancer risk - this applies especially to gastrointestinal cancer
The face can also change the shape because the face nails grow and the jaw grows larger, leading to larger spaces between the teeth. In addition, the eyebrows become more prominent.

Strength Training
Strength training - a better and safer source of youthfulness

A scientific article tells us that a number of websites try to sell both tablets and inhalants with growth hormones. None of these agents have shown any form of effect. In fact, the body can not absorb growth hormones, which are taken as pills or supplements.

Customer Review
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A study in which 18 healthy men aged 65-82 participated, they all completed a strength training program for 14 weeks. Then 10 new weeks of strength training followed, where half of the men were injected with growth hormones while the other half received placebo medicine (medicine without actual effect). Strength training significantly increased muscle strength. Growth hormones as a supplement to exercise gave no further effect. In other words, strength training is a better, cheaper and safer source of youthfulness.
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