Award Nominations
Every year at the annual convention there are several awards given to our members. These are the highest awards given by our association, recognizing kitefliers who have made significant and inspirational contributions to the AKA and kiting in general. Many of these individuals have helped to shape the face of kiting in North America and around the world. Please include why you think the nominee should be recognized.

This form can be anonymous, however, we highly encourage you to include your name and address at the end. This will help with following up on any questions or details. Thank you!

Steve Edeiken Kiteflier Award. The Kiteflier of the Year will be a person who, during their lifetime, will have shown friendly, loving, fair, and even-handed concern for: 1. People in general, but kitefliers in particular, 2. Kiteflying in general, but for craftsmanship and technical developments in particular, and 3. Communication in general, but for leading and participating in kite events in particular. For more information go to:
Steve Edeiken Kiteflier Award Nominee
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Robert M Ingraham Volunteer Award - Kitefliers, who, during their lifetime career in kiting, have exemplified outstanding volunteerism and service to the American Kitefliers Association, and, who, in the true spirit of Robert Ingraham, have given unselfishly of their time to help the AKA and promote kiting in general. For more information go to:
Robert M Ingraham Volunteer Award Nominee
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Lee Toy Kite Artist Award. The Kite Artist of the Year recognizes an artist’s body of original work or their commitment to kites as art as well as their ability to inspire others in recognizing the uniqueness of kites as art. For more information go to:
Lee Toy Kite Artist Award Nominee
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