ASHK Summer Program 2018 Registration

Please read through the ASHK Summer Program 2018 Information Brochure before you fill in the form and note the following:

- Start Date -
Summer Program runs from Tuesday, June 19 to Friday, July 27. There are 3 sessions available, and each session is two weeks in length. Students must select one activity from Period A (9:00am to 10:30am) and one activity from Period B (10:30am to 12:00pm) for a complete registration.

- Registration Dates -
Parents are invited to register their child for ASHK Summer Program Session starting today to Friday, May 31.

Please note that once a registration form is submitted, no changes may be made to the activity selections.

- ASHK Summer Program Costs -
The cost for each session is:
Session 1: $5,400 (ASHK student), $6,300 (non-ASHK student)
Session 2: $5,400 (ASHK student), $6,300 (non-ASHK student)
Session 3: $6,000 (ASHK student), $7,000 (non-ASHK Student)

Please note that ALL PROGRAM COSTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. No refund or credit will be issued for students absent from the summer program for any reason.

Parents will need to bring cheques payable to "Universal American School HK Ltd." to the ASHK General Office on or before Thursday, May 31 to confirm your child's enrolment in the program. As part of the registration form, parents will be asked for the cheque details (account holder name, bank name, and cheque number). Please have this information ready as you fill in the form.

- Confirmation -
Parents will receive an email confirmation of their child’s activity from the ASHK General Office on/before Friday, June 8.

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