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Travellers’ University invites you on a 2 weeks long immersive journey of exploration, community building, fun, learning, interactions and connections through the alluring landscapes of Bir, Dharamshala and Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. We invite you to engage with innovative local experiments addressing global problems, explore the diversity in everyday lives and build perspectives on today’s happenings and tomorrow’s possibilities.

‘Aagaaz - A Yatra exploring the Self through the World’ brings together 15 young individuals to travel and delve into plural aspects of the world and the self. The yatra exposes one to the multiple facets of Education, Ecology, Economics and Social Justice, through the lives and activities of people and organisations working in these domains. Together we shall explore and observe how these entities are interconnected, process one's own relationship with these entities and thereby open space to rethink and reimagine one's own needs.

We invite you to slow down, immerse in nature, recharge your senses and reconnect with yourself and the world. The yatris will be interacting with changemakers who have designed their lives in accordance to their own lines of interest and in alignment with needs of the time. As the yatris would discover the role that Community played in supporting these changemakers, they would work towards finding and establishing one for themselves.

Aagaaz is an invitation to young individuals who intend to take their initial steps into dreaming the future they aspire for themselves and the world. Join us to open your head, heart, and hands by assimilating new knowledge, skills and mindset.

The suggested contribution for the yatra is on a sliding scale of Rs.18,000 to Rs. 25,000. The contribution of Rs.18,000 covers the food, travel, accommodation and other logistics during the 14 days of yatra. Any contribution above this amount will take care of the facilitator honorarium and also partly support the participation of those who find it tough to access these spaces due to financial constraints.

The suggested age group for participation is 16 to 30 years. Exceptions will be made on case to case basis.

P.S: We are actively monitoring the public health condition in India in the coming months and dates are subject to change as the situation evolves. Feel free to register though, if you are interested in participating.

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