See Something, Say Something
It's everyone's responsibility to keep Fremont safe. Use this form to help keep everyone safe by letting us know anything you see. Information is only for follow ups, and we will keep you as anonymous as possible.
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Welcome Students - This is a safe space to share your concerns regarding students or events at Fremont High School.  Make sure you complete the form below to the best of your abilities.
What are you concerned about? *
Who are the persons involved with this issue? (If possible give first & last names and the class the students are in.) *
What did you see or hear about?  or How did you find out about this event/incident *
When did it happen or when will it happen?
Where did it happen or where will it happen?  (Give a location)
Were there any witnesses? (Write their names and grade)
If we need a follow up, how can we reach you?  (Write your cell number)
Did you inform any on-campus adult about this issue?
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Who did you inform? When did you tell them?
Is there anything else you want to share?
Thank you for helping to keep our school community safe. You matter to Fremont!
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