Quadby's Campus Request Form
NOTE: We have overwhelming requests from hundreds of students a week. We will roll out our releases occasionally based on multitudes of factors.

Factors that influences our decision for campus launches:

1. Number of requests from a campus. If there are only 3 requests, it's no different to just use a WhatsApp group. Our specialty is to give you access to your entire campus. Hence your application plays a huge role. Getting your friends to request also helps. Remember: number is key.

2. Size of campus. We have rejected small office-lot campuses with just 20 - 80 students. We do, however, give exceptions time-to-time especially during the COVID19 pandemic where students need an online community more than ever. You should still try to fill up the form.

3. Brand or visibility of campus. We will run a research on all campuses requested. If we couldn't find any information of a campus online, we may or may not launch there for security purposes.

4. Warm introductions may help. If you know anyone who are either in the #QuadSquad Ambassador Team, Quadby's core team members, or co-founders, talk to them. It will increase chances of launch in your campus. Remember: we have hundreds of requests a week; standing out is key.

5. We unfortunately do not have a specific promised timeline to on a campus launch. We have launched as fast as in 9 hours (UiTM w/ 518 requests a night) to 1 week (Taylor's University after discussion w/ Student Council) to 1 month (M****h University is playing hard to get).

Due to massive requests we may also not be able to respond to them individually. But we promise all requests will be looked into. You may also email us to follow up on the progress.

A: When your campus is selected, you will receive a personal text or email from a Quadby representative to welcome you to the Quad along with everyone who applied.

Q: Could I uninstall the app while waiting?
A: You could, but it simply means that you are no longer interested and we therefore may not launch in your campus.

Q: Why is Quadby so popular and awesome?
A: The core of the community is the people in the community itself. We're blessed to house some of the most influential, passionate and motivated students in Quadby whom you'll also be able to find and chat with if you're on Quadby.

Inquiries? Email hello@quadby.com.
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