West Ohio Chrysalis Board Application
West Ohio Chrysalis is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors responsible for providing oversight, guidance, and leadership in the West Ohio Chrysalis community. The success of Chrysalis is dependent on countless individuals involved in the community. Serving on the Board of Directors is just one way to make a difference in the community.

Serving on the West Ohio Chrysalis Board is a rewarding and, at times, a challenging experience. Board members are required to attend eight Board meetings per year and are strongly encouraged to participate in and support Chrysalis weekends and events. As stated in the West Ohio Chrysalis by-laws, most members of the Board serve a two-year term.

All willing servants are asked to complete the following information and submit the application to the West Ohio Chrysalis Board for prayerful consideration. Thank you for your interest and willingness to serve our community! De Colores!
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Original Chrysalis or Emmaus location and Walk #? *
Please elaborate on your interest in serving on the West Ohio Chrysalis Board: *
Which areas of leadership are you most interested in? If you need details on the position, please click this link to see the position descriptions. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lQ8OqzjX9209faY97OzwIIA57mOc9PbG/view?usp=sharing *
Do you have leadership experience in other Chrysalis or Emmaus communities? If so, please explain. *
Does your schedule allow you to attend Board meetings, Chrysalis weekends and events? Board meetings are currently held on Saturdays. This is subject to change depending on the Board's discretion. *
Thank you!
Thank you for your servant's heart and your interest in serving on the West Ohio Chrysalis Board of Directors. As positions become available, the Board will prayerfully consider and contact interested individuals to serve on the Board. De Colores!
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