Bohnes by Karma Kingsley Review & Promo Sign Up Form
Genre: Bully Romance/Hate-to-love romance
Cover Reveal: July 20
Release Date: August 20
ARCs sent via Booksprout: August 10
***Contains explicit sexual material***

The release for Bohnes is scheduled for August 20, 2019

There is a cover reveal option, review option and promo option.

Bohnes is a standalone in a series of standalone following the Baka Boyz.

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Placeholder Blurb:
Bo “Bohnes” Tucker is a rough-around-the-edges loner at Alastair Preparatory School. It’s anyone’s guess how he even got in.
Outside of school, Bo runs in the underground Baka Boyz street gang. The Baka Boyz are involved in everything from underground fighting to drug trafficking. When Dean Alastair catches him dealing on campus, in lieu of calling the cops, he offers him a chance at redemption. An annoying chance that he has no option but to take.
As he’s forced to volunteer alongside Alastair Prep’s school princess, Dean Alistair's precious daughter Delilah,a sinister plot for revenge begins to form in his mind.
There’s nothing Bo hates more than rich, entitled and spoiled people thinking they need to “save” him. And what better revenge than take ownership of the Dean’s most prized possession? What better way to knock him down a peg is there than to deflower his only daughter? If Bo has anything to say about it, by the end of senior year, Delilah Alistair will have a new Daddy.

Delilah “Dee” Alastair rules Alastair Prep. And not just because her family owns the place. With straight A’s, perfect bone structure, and a massive salon budget, she was born for prestige and popularity.
On the surface, she’s perfection. Her life is one of envy. But she has a secret. Secretly, she’s lonely. Secretly, her father’s overprotective grip makes her feel like a bird in a cage. Secretly, she’s jealous of all of her peers who get to go to parties, and get drunk, and have sex, while she’s stuck maintaining her flawless image.
But when her father puts her in charge of overseeing Bo Tucker’s volunteer work, he seems intent on destroying the image she’s spent her whole life keeping up. Intent on exposing all of her secrets. And despite her very best efforts, she finds herself almost wanting to let him.

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