AR-15 5.56/.223 Gas Port Size
What brand is the barrel? *
Please list the barrel by brand, not manufacturer. For example, it is well known that Centurion Arms barrels are manufactured by FN, but for the purpose of this list, please write "Centurion Arms", and not "Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal".
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If this brand has multiple barrel lines, what line is this barrel from?
For example, Rainier Arms has several different types of barrels, such as Select, Mountain, Match, Ultramatch, etc. This also applies to barrels directly from rifles, such as a Colt 6920 vs. a Colt Expanse CE2000.
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What is the approximate barrel length in inches? *
Please selected the barrel length within a quarter inch of what's listed, otherwise choose "Other" and specify the length. For example, a 10.3" barrel would fall under 10.5, but a 10" barrel would not.
What is the gas system? *
Please note that Intermediate is not the same as Midlength, but is instead between Midlength and Rifle in length.
What size is the gas port in inches? *
If self-measuring, please use numbered drill bits or pin gauges; other measurement methods, particularly calipers, are rarely precise enough for proper measurements.
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What was the source of information? *
Third party in this instance refers to data gathered by others, perhaps in a written review or video, but that has not been entered. Feel free to put separate entries if the information you received from the manufacturer or third party does not match what you measured.
What date was this information sourced?
If manufacturer was the source, when was this information relayed? If self-measured, when was this barrel purchased? If third party, when was this data published? Please give a best guess if possible, so that manufacturer changes can be observed.
If the information came from a third party, who was this third party?
Leave a link to the source of information if at all possible.
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