Questionnaire: knowledge of Africa as a result of watching WildEarth
Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions! (Please note that this survey is not affiliated with WildEarth; it is for use in a class project (I'm taking a course entitled "The Environmental History of Africa" and I'm studying how people have understood and experienced Africa and its wilderness over time. I would like to share the results of this survey with the folks at WildEarth however).)
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(Asking these first 3 questions to get a sense of who has answered the survey)
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What country are you from/live in? *
How did you find out about WildEarth?
Have you ever traveled to Africa?
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If YES, then where and for how long?
What has informed your knowledge about Africa?
This might seem a vague question, so here are examples: did you travel and go on safari? did you watch The Lion King as a kid? Or watch Out of Africa? Read any books? Watch news reports on TV? Etc.
How knowledgeable do you consider yourself regarding southern Africa?
Hardly a thing!
I consider myself very knowledgeable
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How long have you been watching WildEarth TV?
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How often do you watch WildEarth?
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What is your level of interaction on Wildearth?
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Do you participate in the online chats?
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Do you feel you know more about southern Africa now after having watched WildEarth?
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Can you share some examples?
Have your thoughts/assumptions about Africa changed since watching WildEarth?
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Could you give some examples?
Do you feel your knowledge of Africa has improved in the following areas as a result of the drives?
What was the biggest misconception you had about Africa that changed because of watching WildEarth
for example, did you think tigers lived in Africa?
Is there anything else you'd like to add about what WildEarth means to you?
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