2018 YDG Candidate Qualification and Candidacy Declaration
Per YDG bylaws, candidates for any open elected position must attest that they meet the qualification requirements of our bylaws, and specifically declare their candidacy for a specific office by no later than March 3rd. Please review the qualification rules below, and answer all required questions. All candidates are invited but not required to participate in a debate the night before Convention, details on that are TBA.

Full and accurate completion of this form satisfies candidate requirements under B§4.2.1.


Candidates must:
- Be at least 14 and not more than 35 years of age by the time of convention (however, candidates up to the age of 39 may run for offices other than that of President, National Committeeman, or National Committeewoman)
- Be a GA resident or currently attending a GA college/university
- Properly register and credential for Convention (either with a chapter or as an At-Large) by 12PM on March 17
- Not be prohibited from holding office in a political organization by any government regulation

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By checking the box below, I certify that I have read the candidate qualification requirements above, and that I meet all requirements to run for the position I have indicated above. *
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