2019. Formulário simples de matrícula para crianças (que já estavam no semestre anterior)/ Short registration form for kids (continuing students ONLY): September to December
Sejam bem-vindos a mais um semestre que se inicia!

Este formulário destina-se aos alunos que estão retornando à ABRACE e que estiveram matriculados no semestre de setembro a dezembro de 2018 ou no semestre de fevereiro a junho de 2019.

IMPORTANTE: Release of liability e release de photo e vídeo agora são parte deste formulário. Ao preenchê-lo, os responsáveis pelas crianças assumem o compromisso pelo pagamento do semestre e reconhecem a validade de sua assinatura nos releases.

US$ 320 - Turma Curumins de 2 anos;
US$ 450 - Turmas de crianças de 3 a 5 anos;
US$ 425 - Turmas de crianças de 6 anos e maiores.
Dados da criança / Personal Data
Nome / First Name: *
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Sobrenome / Last Name: *
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Turma em Junho, 2019 / Group/class in June, 2019 *
Esta informação é NECESSÁRIA para o boleto de pagamento. / This information is required for the invoice.
Dia de nascimento / Day of birth: *
Mês de nascimento / Month of birth: *
Ano de nascimento / Year of birth: *
Sexo / Gender: *
Tem irmã(o) sendo matriculada(o) na ABRACE ao mesmo tempo? Se sim, quantos? / Are there siblings being registered as well? If yes, how many? *
Dados dos Responsáveis / Other Primary Caregiver Information
Nome da mãe ou principal responsável / Mother's name or primary adult: *
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Email: *
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Telefone (celular) / Cell phone number: (no caso de precisármos entrar em contato enquanto a criança estiver na ABRACE / in case we need to contact you while child is at ABRACE): *
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Nome do pai ou parceiro(a) / Father's or partner's name: *
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Email do pai ou parceiro(a) / Father's or partner's email: *
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Telefone (Casa ou Celular) / Phone number (Home or Mobile): *
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Informações Médicas / Medical Information
Alergia / Any allergies: *
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Como proceder em caso de reação alérgica? / In case of an allergic reaction, how should we proceed? *
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Informações adicionais sobre a criança / Other additional information *
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Tem interesse em pagamento parcelado para o valor do semestre? (com taxa de 5%) / Are you interested in paying tuition in installments? (5% fee) *
A contabilidade emite o boleto de pagamento apenas às quintas-feiras, por isso pode levar uns dias para a família receber o email com o boleto. *
Gostaria de fazer uma contribuição para a ABRACE, além do pagamento pelo semestre, no valor informado abaixo: (se não estiver interessado em contribuir agora, somente responda NÃO no campo abaixo) / I'd like to make a contribution to ABRACE in addition to the tuition, in the amount indicated below: (if not interested in contributing now, just answer NO in the field below) *
Tuition is US$ 450 for one semester for the program for 3 to 5 year-old kids, and US$ 425 for the program for kids 6 and older. Since tuition does not cover 100% of the costs per student, any contribution is very welcome and can be tax-deductible to the extent of the law.
Release of liability
This section replaces the form that used to be done separately on the registration process.
I do hereby grant permission for this registered child to attend, engage, and actively participate in any and all of the various activities of ABRACE. This consent also includes specific authorization for any of the adult activity leaders (staff or volunteer) to make any medical decisions with respect to said minor child in the event of accident or injury when parental consent shall be unavailable or when circumstances shall require immediate medical decision. *
1. I verify that notice of this child’s medical conditions, medications, or any other special needs which may require the leaders’ attention have been provided on this form. 2. this child is enrolled in a medical insurance program which will cover his or her medical expenses within the U.S., and that any medical expenses not so covered will be solely the responsibility of the parent(s) or legal guardian(s); 3. the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) will bear full legal and financial responsibility for this child, including, but not limited to, the obligation to pay for any debts he or she may incur, damage to property caused by this child, and separate transportation home in the event it becomes necessary. I further verify that I will support the rules and boundaries set by the teachers and leaders who work with our child on behalf of ABRACE, Inc. I recognize that certain activities involve some risk, and hereby indemnify, agree to hold harmless and to release the Fairfax County Public Schools, the McLean Baptist Church and ABRACE Inc, its members, officers, employees, representatives, and agents including any and all volunteer leaders, and each of them, from any liability for any and all past, present or future claims or causes of action for personal or bodily injury or property loss arising out of any ABRACE’s sponsored youth activities that are not due to the negligence of ABRACE’s staff or volunteer leaders.
Release of photo and video
This section replaces the form that used to be done separately on the registration process.
I do hereby consent, on behalf of myself and my child, to the photographing of myself and my child. I understand that the term "photograph" as used herein encompasses both still photographs and motion picture footage and includes oral and video recordings. I agree that ABRACE Inc. may use such photographs of me or my child without my name or the name of my child, and for the sole purpose of conducting all promoting of ABRACE’s educational and cultural activities (including advertising or promoting its programs on its website or other media). I authorize ABRACE Inc. and all its non profit successors in interest to copyright, use and publish the same in print and/or electronically solely for the purpose authorized in this release. I waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written copy, that may be created in connection therewith. I also agree that this releases ABRACE Inc. and any and all of its representatives from any and all monetary obligations or payments to me or any or all of my authorized representatives for use of video, films, photographs, image and/or voice of myself. *
I am the parent/legal guardian of this child and understand that by filling this form out constitutes legal signature and consent of this registration form and release form.
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