1UP Toronto 2020 Design Jam: Call for Projects
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This is the person we will reach out to regarding the 1UP Toronto Conference and the Design Jam.
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What is the nature and scale of the project? Where is your project located? Who are the main stakeholders? When is it expected to be completed?
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Describe the phase you expect your project to be in by March 2020. *
We prefer projects that are in a phase where public input will influence decisions, e.g. visioning or community engagement.
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How does your project relate to the conference theme, Future Focus? *
The 2020 conference theme, Future Focus, highlights bold and innovative ideas related to transforming old spaces and structures into environmentally and socially sustainable places for future generations.
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How does your project relate to youth (ages 13-19)? *
Are youth an important stakeholder or user group of the project? What is the impact of the project on youth?
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How do you plan to incorporate youth's input from the Design Jam into your project? *
How will specific elements and/or general themes of youth's ideas inform your team's decisions in the project? What are some steps or processes your team will take to actively consider their input?
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Are you or a member of your team available to have weekly calls with Urban Minds before the conference to discuss the Design Jam? *
Is your team able to send two representatives to the 1UP Toronto Conference on March 7, 2020? *
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