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Dear all,

DONNE, Women in Music is an ongoing project aiming to champion women composers’ equality. The past year has been a wonderful journey and we keep learning and discovering more wonderful music by women on a daily basis.

We are here to ask for your contribution to help us to continue to support change and diversity more effectively.

There are so many fantastic initiatives out there facilitating the access to information AND to music scores by women and other historically underrepresented composers. Still, we are far from reaching equality and diversity in our concert halls and radio stations worldwide.

We are very interested in learning your opinion on this subject. We all have different professional experiences and personal knowledge in this field. Having access to your valuable answers will help us to understand how to move forward in creating REAL change!

I know it will be difficult to answer the questions in a concise way as we are talking about a very complex subject, which has many different aspects. But if you could answer based on your strongest feeling and / or professional experience on the subject, that would be extremely helpful.

Many thanks!

Gabriella Di Laccio
Founder & Curator of DONNE - Women in Music

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In your opinion, what is THE MAIN REASON for the current gender inequality in classical music - in particular regarding hearing more music by women composers in concerts halls and radio stations on a regular basis? *
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DONNE - Women in Music
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