YIHY High Holidays Sign Up Form
To make sure we are as safe as possible, we are requiring advance sign up for High Holiday services. Please make sure to mark down which services you plan to come to.

We are working hard to ensure that minyan is safe, robust, comfortable and open to as many people as possible, which means working with the COVID parameters for gatherings as defined by Yale and Slifka. All minyanim will take place under tent cover at our beloved TBS (the Ozar-Steinberg backyard). We do have an official capacity limit of 50 persons, but are committed to ensuring everyone in our community is welcome and will create alternative spaces if necessary. All participants must be vaccinated. We cannot promise that there will be no lawnmowers in the vicinity, but we can promise that lawnmowers will be no match for our tefilos. It's going to be awesome :)

Some relevant contacts:
Rabbi Alex Ozar: alex.ozar@yale.edu
Laurent Steinberg: lauren.steinberg@yale.edu

Minyan Coordinators:
Avi Cooper: avi.cooper@yale.edu
Lia Solomon: lia.solomon@yale.edu

YIHY Presidents:
Shayna Sragovicz: shayna.sragovicz@yale.edu
Miriam Kopyto: miriam.kopyto@yale.edu
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