Examen de ubicación: Universal de Idiomas
Bienvenido a nuestra Prueba de Ubicación! Gracias por su interés en nuestros programas.

Para poderlo incluir en un grupo activo, de acuerdo su nivel le pedimos seguir las siguientes instrucciones:

Lea cada pregunta cuidadosamente. Si no entiende el enunciado o no sabe cuál es la opción correcta, deje la respuesta en blanco.

Recuerde que no es necesario que usted conteste la totalidad de la prueba de ubicación

Es importante que usted tenga en cuenta que el resultado de esta prueba gramatical no es definitivo, ya que debe de complementarse con la prueba oral. Para poder realizar la prueba oral usted debe tener como mínimo 10 preguntas correctas en la prueba gramatical.

Una vez culmine su prueba uno de nuestros asesores comerciales se comunicará con usted lo más pronto posible.
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1. Where does Michael work?
2. How is your house?
3. What do we need from the store?
4. I really enjoy ___________ the guitar.
5. I am so happy! This is the __________ day ever!
6. The boss ________ me to stay and work late yesterday.
7. How ______ children do you have?
8. The students ___________ lunch right now.
9. We are going to meet tomorrow _____ the morning
10. That man ____ really angry
11. My mother _________ me ______ off the TV.
12. There are some loose rocks on the trall, so you ______ be carefull when you climb it.
13. It is ______ rainy for the next two or three days
14. My son refused ______ the truth. Then he started to cry.
15. She doesn’t think ______ knows the anwer. It’s too difficult.
16. Andrew has ____ been to another country before. He’s afraid of flying.
17. Karen goes to school in the city, ______ she?
18. ______ I don’t like most furry animals, I do like cats.
19. You are the man _____ stole my purse!
20. If I were as tall as Tim, I _______ be a professional basketball player.
21. They want to eat in an expensive restaurant tonight; ______ they don’t have any money.
22. Both Terry and Jim ______ to play hockey
23. Terry __________ to the senior prom tomorrow evening
24. Harry looks exhausted. He _________ up late last night.
25. Vera ______ glaciers before she travelled to Iceland
26. The facility will be shut down ______ they finish some routine maintenance.
27. I warned Gabe ____________ that old milk, but he didn’t listen to me.
28. Grace had been wearing the same sneakers for several years before she ________ that new pair.
29. __________ hard was the exam that we all flunked.
30. The factory _________ the world’s best bicycles for 25 years next week.
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