Eurisy Survey on Cities Interested in Satellite Services
Satellites offer data and signals that can be used to improve the life of those who live in urban areas. As an example, satellite imagery can be used to monitor green areas; satellite navigation to optimise public transport; satellite communication to connect rescue teams when other connections are down.

Are you a local/regional administration, a private company or an NGO operating in cities?

You don't use satellite applications, but you would like to know more about their uses and potential?

Complete the Eurisy Survey on Cities or contact us to tell us about your needs and interests!

We will put you in contact with other city actors who can help you understanding what you can do with satellite applications and how. We will also involve you in our workshops, where you will be able to question experts and confirmed users of satellite applications.

This questionnaire will be used by Eurisy to assess the perception city actors have of satellite-based services and how they can be supported to adopt and use such technologies.

The results of the analysis will be shared with the responding organisations and made public in an aggregated way. Individual replies will not be made public.

Please reply to these questions to the best of your knowledge and leave a blank space when you are not able to answer. Specify whether the information requested is not available.

For more information about Eurisy, please visit our webpage at or write to

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