Oh, what a wonderful morning it is, Kyra!

Get ready to set your day up for success, and live your life the way you want to live it!

Remember, some people suck, and to them, you say "Sorry, not today, sir! I'm having a great day!" and walk away. You're in control of your life no one else!
How do you want to feel today? *
As excited as a rock
Think of 3 things you are grateful for? *
It could be as simple as how comfortable your pillow is. I want different things, every day!
What 3 things would make today great? *
Try to dig deep and really think about what would make today incredible. I DO NOT want to read: Friends, dance, no school... sorry, 1 word answers to not count! I will accept something like: To laugh all day without a worry in the world!
Recite your morning prime *
This is your daily affirmation, I am, I am, I am:
Who will you love today? *
List someone that you will say "I love you, ???'. Try to do someone different every day!
You ready to have a great day?
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